Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Feet

There are these feet....happily decked out in my new Brooks running sneakers.
 But more importantly, there are these feet!
 Bundle #2 came along last week healthy and happy (except when hungry, wet or tired of course) and it's a girl!  Another beautiful little girl- all 8lbs 9oz of her joined us 1 day after my due date.  It is safe to say that she was not premature based upon her birth weight.  Bundle #1 is super excited to have a little sister.  In fact, she was saying all along that she wanted a much to the point that I kind of started to worry how she would react if it was a boy.  It all worked out!

Everything is going well and as expected after the arrival of a new little one.  Not much sleep but it's temporary (or so I try to tell myself repeatedly).  Delivery recovery is going pretty much by the book thankfully.  I felt like I had been hit by a truck the day of and first few days afterwards, but things are looking up.  In fact, I stepped out for my first post partum jog yesterday on day #9.  I only covered a mile and paced myself super slow with the dog, but it just felt good to break a sweat and get out there with my new sneakers and thoughts of the miles to come :)

Yesterday I got a little bit ambitious in the kitchen during the wee one's snooze.  I know everyone says to rest when baby does, but I am horrible at sleeping during the day...especially when the sun is out.  I have so much respect for people who work nights!  Anyway, I was inspired by this recipe for a quick snack to keep ready in the fridge.  These also highlight my love for all things chocolate, unsweetened coconut and peanut butter.  They also require zero, yes zero, baking.  How can you not enjoy?  I threw in some chia seeds also, even though the recipe did not call for them, just for an extra something.  Here they are...give them a try- they are super easy to make and well worth it!

Do you have any suggestions for resuming fitness post partum?
Have a great week!

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