Thursday, April 14, 2011

And 6 More Makes.....11!

So I left off months ago and affirmatively established myself as the world's worst blogger....Well, truth be told I have been doing some blogging over at triblogs, which is where I try to keep some focus to my adventures in triathlon and fitness.  I have been debating about merging these two blogs for a few reasons.  First, I clearly do not keep up well on these two ventures that I have going outside of family and work.  Second, isn't fitness also part of this whole quest for simple, healthy living? Why keep it separate? I welcome any thoughts or suggestions for a makeover....

"And 6 More Makes....11!"  What on earth am I talking about? Well, my Happy New Year post referred to us thinking about getting chickens.  The thinking is apparently coming to an end because the little guys are arriving tomorrow....all six of them! Excited? Yes.  Nervous? Yes.  A little overwhelmed? Glad you asked....YES!  I know that these little guys will be part of the clan once we are in the swing of things.  I also know that there are many, many people out there with backyard chickens and have lists of positive things to say about the experience.  I also know that I love the idea of fresh eggs for the thousands of things that I want to bake.  Lastly, I love the idea of my little girl growing up with animals.  It just so happens that I do not know too much about chickens right now.  I have been husband went to a chicken seminar...we have notes of all the things we need to do when these darlings arrive tomorrow.  I just don't know how the time commitment will feel....Mom, Dad, Toddler, Dog, Cat and Chickens #1-6. Phew. Good thing we're morning people I guess...

The new additions will be living in our cellar under a heat lamp for a while until they're old and strong enough to venture outside to our coop, which is still in the design phase.  We have a few weeks before we even have to worry about that part thankfully.  So, hopefully I will be reporting back soon with some shots of these little babies! Wish us luck....or call us crazy! Your call.

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