Saturday, April 16, 2011

They're here....and super cute!

I didn't think I would find these little guys so darn cute! All six came home Friday evening chirping away in a ventilated box.  I predicted my reaction would be something like, "Eh- when will my eggs be ready?" Nope- I was truly taken back by how stinkin' cute they are.  So here is the first photo of the newbies!

How did my sweet little girl react to them?  Well, at first she stepped away...seemed to be a little bit nervous.  Within minutes, that all changed and I have made numerous extra trips to the basement so she can check on the chickens.  Last night, I had to bring her back downstairs at bed time so she could say "Good night chickens."  Here is a quick video of her getting to know her chickens yesterday:


This morning, at the lovely hour of sometime before six, she was already awake and "chickens" was one of her first words.  Here she is going downstairs first thing to say "Good morning chickens."

So far they are a hit.  I know that none of the real work has started yet, but we'll keep you posted as we learn! Have a wonderful weekend!

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